Home Visitation


Due to COVID-19 the following precautionary measures are being taken to prevent unnecessary exposure for staff and families we serve:

  • WIC:  All WIC offices are closing to the public. If you currently have an appointment scheduled, the WIC clinic staff will be contacting you to complete it over the phone. You will continue to receive and be able to use your benefits as long as your certification is active. Contact your local WIC clinic for remote service, or call the State Office at 1-800-433-4298 for assistance. The State Office will also be available by email at montanawicprogram@mt.gov.
  • Home Visiting (Parents as Teachers, First Year Initiative, SafeCare, Montana Asthma Program): Home visiting staff will be doing all home visits by phone or video conferencing depending on the guidance of each program. Home visitors will contact current and newly referred clients individually to schedule remote appointment times. It is our goal to continue to provide as many of our families as possible with the resources they need, so please call us at 406-454-6950 with questions or concerns.
  • Car Seat Program: We will not provide car seats or car seat checkups until further notice. 
  • Parenting Classes: All parenting classes have been temporarily cancelled. Current participants will be notified once classes resume. 
  • CONNECT Referral System: Onboarding will continue; however, in-person training and meetings are cancelled. Trainings will take place remotely.
  • Foster Child Health Program: Nurses will not provide in-person visits to foster parents, but will remain in contact as necessary.

Please call us at 406-454-6950 with questions or concerns.

Public Health Home Visitation

This is a convenient service providing visits in your home or another place by a nurse, social worker, and/or dietician for Medicaid eligible pregnant women, babies, and children up to age 5. Parent Educators use the “Parents as Teachers” and “Circle of Security” model during these visits and can provide a variety of screening, resourcing, and education. We also offer Circle of Security Parenting Groups at various locations in the community. Interested parents can also sign up for the Health Montana Families Project home visitation program. Sign up during pregnancy or until your child turns one year old and actively participate in our Parents as Teachers education.

Home visitors can help you answer questions like:

  • How do I find community services?
  • Where can I find information about pregnancy?
  • What am I supposed to feed my baby?
  • Is my baby healthy and on track?
  • How can I reduce stress in my life?

Before your baby is born, public health home visitation can help with the following:

  • Making your pregnancy as healthy as possible
  • Helpful hints during your pregnancy
  • Understanding physical and emotional changes
  • Finding pregnancy medical care and other community services
  • Helping you get ready for your baby
  • Assisting with the Medicaid application process if necessary

After your baby is born, public health home visitation can help you and your baby with concerns about:

  • Breastfeeding and attachment
  • Stages of development, including a free developmental screening
  • Child safety and childproofing your home
  • Immunization information
  • SIDS (crib death) prevention
  • Parenting concerns and baby cues
  • Parent-child interaction
  • Postpartum depression screening

The objectives of the program are to:

  • Assure mothers and children receive maternal child health services
  • Reduce infant mortality and the number of low birth weight babies

Montana has approximately 12,000 births per year and 15% of them may be considered high risk due to medical, social, or economic reasons.

For more information on this service, call 406-791-9299 and ask for Better Beginnings.