Family Services FAQs


Due to COVID-19 the following precautionary measures are being taken to prevent unnecessary exposure for staff and families we serve:

  • WIC:  All WIC offices are closing to the public. If you currently have an appointment scheduled, the WIC clinic staff will be contacting you to complete it over the phone. You will continue to receive and be able to use your benefits as long as your certification is active. Contact your local WIC clinic for remote service, or call the State Office at 1-800-433-4298 for assistance. The State Office will also be available by email at  
  • Home Visiting (Parents as Teachers, First Year Initiative, SafeCare, Montana Asthma Program): Home visiting staff will be doing all home visits by phone or video conferencing depending on the guidance of each program. Home visitors will contact current and newly referred clients individually to schedule remote appointment times. It is our goal to continue to provide as many of our families as possible with the resources they need, so please call us at 406-454-6950 with questions or concerns.
  • Car Seat Program: We will not provide car seats or car seat checkups until further notice. 
  • Parenting Classes: All parenting classes have been temporarily cancelled. Current participants will be notified once classes resume. 
  • CONNECT Referral System: Onboarding will continue; however, in-person training and meetings are cancelled. Trainings will take place remotely.
  • Foster Child Health Program: Nurses will not provide in-person visits to foster parents, but will remain in contact as necessary.

Please call us at 406-454-6950 with questions or concerns.

WIC Questions


Can I use coupons to make a more expensive food the least expensive one?
Yes, you can.

Can I get a free item if it’s “buy one, get one free”?
Yes, you can as long as both items are WIC approved.

My baby comes off WIC when he turns one year old, right?
The baby can be recertified at age one and can stay on until age five with certifications every six months.

What happens if I miscarry? Can I still get WIC?
You can stay on as a WIC participant for six months past the date of miscarriage.

Can we get Farmer’s Market checks more than one time?
No, the $16.00 per WIC participant is good for the whole Farmers Market season but is given only one time.

Does my baby always get the same amount of formula even though he’s getting bigger?
A full formula package is 8 or 9 cans depending on the size of the can and the type of formula and you are expected to buy extra formula because WIC is supplemental program.

What do I do when I run out of formula?
Check the food banks or see if you qualify for Food Stamps, local churches and other community resources.

Do I have to come to WIC every month?
Depending on the age of your child, or if there are concerns about yourself or your child’s weight or health, it could be beneficial to come in monthly- but most of the time monthly visits are not necessary.

Can I have anyone be my proxy to grocery shop for me?
Yes, that person is chosen by you.

Can someone else bring my child to a WIC appointment and pick up my checks?
Yes, with a note of permission from you. If that person lives in the home and helps care for the child that person does not need a note. The person that is coming in to pick up checks will need to show identification.

Can I buy organic milk with my WIC checks?
Yes, if it is the least expensive milk at the store.

I’m going out of town for six weeks, how can I get my baby’s formula?
WIC checks can be cashed in any town in Montana that accepts WIC checks but Montana WIC checks cannot be cashed out of state.

My husband is in the USAF and our family is being transferred overseas. What should I do?
WIC is available overseas and it is very easy to transfer your WIC with a VOC (Verification of Certification) that we will print for you in our office before you leave.

Why can’t I get the ‘Old Fashioned’ oatmeal in the round box?
It does not meet the WIC nutritional standards.

You ask for my proof of residency, what do I bring?
Bring your power bill, land line, cable bill, or rental lease agreement with your current address on it. A general piece of mail will not work.

What do you mean by proof of income?
This means all income coming into the household (this means every person in the household) in which you live, including child support, unemployment benefits, and all revenue from your job. It has to be the most recent pay stubs for the last month. School loans don’t count. If you are living off your savings, you must bring in a bank statement showing the withdrawals. Income needs to be brought to each certification unless we have seen it in the last 60 days. Proof of income is critical for recertification and you will be rescheduled if not provided. It is also helpful to know if you get paid biweekly or twice a month. If you are self employed you can bring your most recent tax return. If you qualify for Medicaid or TANF, they will automatically qualify you for WIC.

Do you use gross or net income? And what if I have a lot of credit card debt?
We use gross income. Your deductions and payments are not taken into consideration.

Do I have to make appointments?
You can, and we have walk in days on Monday (8-5) and Thursdays (9-6).

Do I need a proof of identification to come to WIC?
Yes, you will need a picture ID, social security number, and your name on the ID has to match your current name. If your name changes you will need to bring in a marriage license or a divorce decree.

Do I have to bring in my green packet to each WIC visit?
Yes, this is where you keep your WIC checks and where we will write your appointments and anything you need to bring to your next visit.

What happens if I lose my checks?
Checks cannot be replaced if lost or stolen.

Does my baby have to be weighed when they come to WIC?
Babies do not have to weighed every time but always be prepared to change your baby into a dried diaper and be prepared to feed your baby as some appointments take longer.

Do I have to attend classes?
No, but WIC is a nutrition education program and we will visit with you about your individual concerns.

Do I have to bring my child to the appointments?
Children do have to be brought to appointments periodically. Check the front of your green packet and it will tell you.

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What is Better Beginning Program (BB)all about?
Better Beginnings is a healthy pregnancy program where pregnant women can access assistance for a variety of services helping them to have a healthy baby: housing, food, pregnancy education, employment, baby supplies, getting into prenatal care, getting on Medicaid , connect you to community resources. etc.

Help, I’m pregnant and living in my car?
Call Better Beginnings 454-6950

Help, I don’t have a place to live?
Call Better Beginnings 454-6950

How can I get help installing my child’s car seat?
Call 454-6953 or 452-0881 x304 to make an appointment for a car seat fitting.

I’m pregnant and I can’t get in to see a doctor. What can I do?
Call Better Beginnings 454-6950

Can I get prenatal care at CCHD?
No, the health department does not provide prenatal care. Call Better Beginnings and they will help you get connected to the health care system.

Can I get health insurance at CCHD?
No, the health department does not provide insurance but Better Beginnings staff will assess your income to see if you qualify for Medicaid.

Does Better Beginnings program help me with a crib, diapers, car seat, baby staff, etc.?
Yes, Better Beginnings assists clients to get baby supplies.

Can I have dental care at CCHD?
Yes, through the Community Health Care Center, we have a full time dentist on site. Call 791-9267.

I am not sure if my child is developing as s/he should. What should I do?
Call the health department at 454-6950 and ask for a Family Services Public Health Nurse and enroll in Parents as Teachers. The nurse can assess your child and provide information about where your child should be for their age and provide parent/child interaction activities.

What do I need to bring to get on Medicaid for my pregnancy?
You will need a birth certificate, picture ID, proof of pregnancy with due date, pay stubs for the last month, proof of checking or savings accounts, and proof of resources such as non-home property and vehicles.

When do I need to see the OB provider?
Early prenatal care is important. It is best to see an OB within the first 3 months of pregnancy.

What do I do to make my pregnancy healthy?
Early prenatal care, balanced nutrition, fresh air and exercise, avoid drugs, alcohol and tobacco, lots of water, healthy relationships, and a positive mental attitude. For more information, you can talk with one of our staff if you have specific questions.

Is my child healthy and on track?
We have a program called Parents As Teachers that provides child development information and parenting support. Call us to get signed up in the program.

How do I know if my baby is the right weight?
We have nurses that will visit and weigh your baby in the home. We also teach you about shaken baby syndrome and safe sleep with babies.

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