Superfund Update — May 2019 — from Cascade County Commissioners

A letter from the Commissioners regarding the Black Eagle Superfund Site Cleanup & Art Higgins Memorial Park Plan is below. You can access the full text of the proposed plan for Black Eagle here.

Letter from the Commissioners

The Board of Cascade County Commissioners and the Environmental Health Division have been fully engaged in discussions with the federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Black Eagle Community on the future cleanup of the community under the EPA Superfund program. County staff and a county commissioner have routinely attended meetings of the Technical Advisory Group (TAG) that has been assembled to assist the community with review of the technical documents prepared by EPA.

Equally important to the County Commissioners is the community’s vision for trail connectivity and improvements to the Art Higgins Memorial Park. Design ideas can help with the cleanup strategies outlined in the EPA’s Management Plan and might even help fund park improvements through cleanup activities. For that reason, the county applied for and received a grant from the EPA to contract the services of a consulting firm who specializes in Superfund site cleanup and land use planning. The Cascade County commissioners have been working with Water and Environmental Technologies (WET) for the last several years to frame ideas for trail connections and park improvements associated with cleanup. The attached report is the outcome of multiple public meetings with Black Eagle residents, park users, and the county.

While a final decision on the preferred management scenario for the Art Higgins Memorial Park has yet to be made, this report documents the findings of the community involvement. Selection of a preferred alternative will happen within the next six months during a County Commission meeting. If you have questions about the results of this report or the process, please call Sandy Johnson, Environmental Division Manager at the City-County Health Department, at 406-791-9275.


Cascade County Commissioners