2018 School Flu Shot Clinics!

Help us keep your kids in school—and the flu out of the classroom—by getting a flu shot at Great Falls Public Schools this year!

The whole family can get a flu shot at your student’s school! Students can receive their vaccination during school hours, as long as they have a consent & registration form signed by a parent/guardian, and their families can get flu shots from 1:30 PM until early evening (closing time varies by school).

The cost of a flu shot is free with most insurance plans, including Medicare & Medicaid. Don’t forget to bring an insurance card and a signed consent & registration form! For those paying out of pocket—cash, check, and card are accepted—the cost is $30. No student will be turned away for lack of funds.

Wondering why you should vaccinate your kids? Or yourself? Read more about why you should get a flu shot this season in this CCHD blog post!

Dates, times, & summary sheets

North Middle School

Longfellow Elementary School

Sacajawea Elementary School

Whittier Elementary School



You can also learn more about the flu and who you’re protecting by getting vaccinated at the CDC website or on Montana’s own Department of Public Health and Human Services influenza page!