Tips for a Healthy Super Bowl Sunday

The Super Bowl is the only football game that some people will watch all year; the camaraderie, the commercials, and the party food make it a special event that many people want to be a part of. Don’t let a Super Bowl party interfere with your healthy lifestyle or that recent New Year’s resolution to get healthy. You can still enjoy the game and the party by keeping a few tips in mind.

  • Bring a snack of your own: Super Bowl parties are famous for pizza, chips, chicken wings, and other high calorie food. Most hosts and hostesses don’t mind if their guests bring a snack to share with everyone else, though, so whip up something tasty and healthy for yourself and your fellow party-goers. A number of websites have great ideas for filling and delicious lighter calorie versions of your favorite party foods.
  • Take it easy on the dip: many dips contain large amounts of mayonnaise, cream cheese, or other creamy sauces, which are high in fat and calories. Choose low or non-fat versions.
  • Choose your drink wisely: the average can of soda contains about 150 calories, most of them from sugar; choose a diet soda, water, or seltzer with a splash of fruit juice instead. Alcoholic beverages also contain a lot of calories, unhealthy carbs, and sugar. Drink alcohol in moderation, alternating with water. This will keep you from consuming too many calories, and battling the dehydration and headache that may come the next day!
  • Take a post-game walk: Get some exercise after the game by taking a 30 minute walk around the neighborhood.