Celebrate Red Ribbon Week!

During the week of October 25 – 29, 2010, the Cascade City-County Health Department, along with our community and the nation, will celebrate National Red Ribbon Week. The theme for this year is “I Am Drug-Free, See the Connection…Choices = Consequences”.

This years’ celebration will be demonstrated throughout our entire community.  Participating Cascade County schools will enjoy “Theme Days” with suggested attire for the week. Businesses will share drug-free messaging on their marquees, auto dealers will have their red cars on the front lines, and many agencies’ employees will wear red ribbons and decorate their offices.   In addition, several groups and organizations in Great Falls will decorate the city in red, and several youth organizations will participate in a “I Am Drug Free, See the Connection…Choices = Consequences” poster contest. The posters will be displayed in the Great Falls Wal-Mart and Holiday Village Mall throughout Red Ribbon Week.

In 1985, DEA Agent, Enrique “Kiki” Camarena was brutally murdered by Mexican drug cartels just days before unlocking a multi-billion dollar drug pipeline. This tragedy created an awareness of the need for alcohol, tobacco, and other drug (ATOD) abuse prevention in our nation. In 1988, responding to Camarena’s murder, Congress proclaimed the last week in October as Red Ribbon Week. As this marks the 25th Anniversary of Kiki’s death, Red Ribbon Week has expanded and grown across our nation as a time to show our support for a drug-free community. 

Anyone can participate in the celebration by wearing red throughout the week to show support for a drug-free community.  For more information on Red Ribbon Week, contact Teddy Nault at 452-0881 x307.