Health Officials Offer Tips to Prevent Spread of Norovirus

The Montana Department of Health and Human Services release the press release below January 7, 2016  Norovirus leading cause of gastroenteritis in Montana Cold weather means more indoor time for many Montanans. Close contact indoors often helps spread illnesses, such as norovirus, anywhere people gather together….

Winter Safety

winter safety

Are You Winter-Wise? Some people love wintertime and others consider is a necessary, but not always pleasant, part of living in our great state. No matter how you feel, winter weather has arrived, and with it come a special assortment of challenges to your…

Travelling Safety Tips

The end of summer doesn’t necessarily signal the end of the traveling season. The National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimates that the days around the Thanksgiving holiday are some of the busiest days of the year for highway travel of 100 miles…