Travel Immunizations

Travel Immunizations

The CCHD International Travel Clinic offers pre-travel counseling and immunizations for adults and children who are planning to travel outside of the United States.


  • If you are planning a trip anywhere in the world except Canada, Australia, New Zealand, or Northern Europe, travel immunizations are recommended. In some areas of South America and Africa, Yellow Fever immunization is required.
  • We suggest visiting the Centers for Disease Control website  to view current required and recommended vaccines for your destination.
  • Prior to visiting CCHD to receive your travel immunizations, we recommend speaking with your insurance provider about what travel vaccines are covered in your plan.
  • Because several weeks may be required to complete a needed vaccine series, we recommend your initial visit to CCHD be at least 6-8 weeks before departure.  If this is not possible, we will meet your travel health needs as completely as time allows.
  • For any additional questions about recommended or required vaccines and CCHD prices, please call 454-6950

Travel Consultation Includes:

  1. Country by country analysis of your travel itinerary & review of previous immunizations
  2. Travel immunizations
  3. Malaria prevention counseling
  4. Information about general travel health topics and advisories
  5. Designated official vaccination center for Yellow Fever
  6. International Certificate of Yellow Fever vaccination provided
  7. Information on food and water precautions

Traveling with Children

If you are traveling with your child(ren), under the age of 18, the child will need a prescription from their health care provider to receive the following vaccinations at CCHD:

  • Yellow Fever Vaccine-children ages 10 months to 17 years.  If the child is 9 months or less, the vaccination must given at your Health Care Provider’s office.
  • Typhoid Fever Vaccination (injection)-children ages 2-17.  If the child is less than two years old, the vaccination must be given at your Health Care Provider’s office.
  • Menactra (Meningocococcal Vaccine)- children ages 2-11 years.  If the child is less than two years old, the vaccination must be given at your Health Care Provider’s office.

If You Are Over the Age of 65

To receive Yellow Fever Vaccine you will need a prescription from your Health Care Provider.


If You Are Pregnant

  • Prescriptions for Anti-Malarial or Typhoid must be given by your Health Care Provider.
  • A prescription for your Health Care Provider is required for any immunization.

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See Centers for Disease Control Travel Alerts for more information on specific immunizations for travel

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Travel website is an excellent source of information for travelers’ health topics.