Parents as Teachers

Attend our monthly “Parents as Teachers” group connection! Meet with other parents to visit, share ideas, and enjoy refreshments. Learn from an educational presentation or activity. Group connections are held on the last Thursday of each month. A free meal is provided. Call 406-791-9296 for more information.

The philosophy underlying PAT is that parents are children’s first and most influential teachers. The role of the Parent Educator is to help families in giving their children a solid education foundation during their preschool years. The MCH Public Health Nurses/Parent Educators use PAT as a framework for conducting home visits and facilitating the development of parenting skills through parent-child interactive play, educational PAT handouts, and watching DVDs about parenting tips.

Some important facts about the Parents as Teachers program:

  • Provides families with research-based childhood development education
  • Builds on the family’s strengths
  • PAT is child development centered with emphasis on language development, intellectual development, and social-emotional and motor development
  • Points to the parents’ roles as designer, consultant, and authority to promote, foster, and enhance children’s age appropriate development through nurturing care, age appropriate communication, reading, and playing
  • Proper knowledge is power, and when knowledge is put into practice in the context of nurturing care, families experience better relationships with their children
  • Children develop safe and secure attachment to their parents
  • Children demonstrate school readiness at the appropriate age
  • Research shows that children of families that were actively enrolled in PAT experienced less or no child abuse and neglect, are doing better in school, and cope better with stress

To enroll, call a Parents as Teachers Parent Educator at 406-791-7296.


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