Food Service Establishment Licensing

A plan review procedure and/or permit application is required of all new food services. The categories listed below are licensing options we have available to us by existing laws and ordinances.

Permanent Establishments

These food service establishments have a state license to operate in Cascade County.

Examples include:

  • Restaurants, or a restaurant/caterer
  • Grocery stores
  • Bars or taverns

These facilities meet all food service regulations to allow them to operate safely year round. Off-site catering is dependent on the licensed facility for food preparation and clean up. Catered functions have pre-arranged menus for a set number of people at a set time.

If you’d like to obtain a permanent establishment license for a new or remodeled facility, you must go through the PLAN REVIEW process. The first step in the process is to contact the CCHD Environmental Health Division early on- we can walk you through the process and send you a complete plan review packet. To get started, you can also download the Plan Review application here.

Mobile Food Service Units

These food services are equipped to be self-contained with on-board equipment, storage, and clean up facilities. This state license allows them to travel anywhere in MT to operate if they can do so without a commissary. They must be able to take on potable water and dispose of wastewater in an approved manner. They are allowed to operate on a year round basis if feasible (freezing weather can affect plumbing).

City-County Health Department requires moving daily to service their mobile unit to ensure that enough water will be available for operating in a safe, sanitary manner. If not moved daily, the mobile units are considered permanent and the on-board wastewater holding tanks in permanent facilities are in violation of Cascade County wastewater regulations.

Mobile Unit Guidelines:

If you’d like to obtain this license, you must go through the Mobile Unit Plan Review Process- call our office for more information and download the Mobile Unit Plan Review application here

Temporary Food Service

“Temporary food establishment” means a retail food establishment that in a licensing year either:

  1.  Operates at a fixed location for no more than 21 days in conjunction with a single event or celebration; or
  2. Uses a fixed menu and operates within a single county at a recurring event or celebration for no more than 45 days.

To download the Temporary Food Service License Application click here.

Food Manufacturing

A Wholesale Food Manufacturing Establishment is defined in 50-57-102, Montana Codes Annotated (MCA) as a facility and the facility’s buildings or structures used to manufacture or prepare food for human consumption at wholesale. Visit DPHHS for more information.