Schools, Daycares & Community Homes

Child care centers in Cascade County are regulated by the State of Montana, Quality Assurance Division.

Child care facilities with more than 12 children, ages 0-12, must be certified and licensed as a Day Care Center. Day Care Centers are inspected by a Cascade City-County sanitarian, which certifies compliance with Montana Regulations for daycares.

Facilities with fewer than 12 children have different licensing requirements. For more information, contact the Department of Family Services, at (406) 268-3777.

Administration Rules of Montana governing Day Care centers include ARM 37.95.201 through 37.95.227:

Administrative Rules of Montana governing Community Homes for Persons with Developmental Disabilities

Administrative Rules of Montana covering Schools or

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For more information, contact:

Penny Job, Child Care Licensor
Phone: 406.444-3074
Fax: 406.444-1742

Quality Assurance Division
Montana Dept of Public Health and Human Services (DPHHS)

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Environmental Health Services

Cascade City-County Health Department at 406. 454-6950