Public Health Accreditation

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Public health accreditation is the process of developing standards, measuring health department performance of those standards and rewarding and recognizing health departments that meet the standards. The goal of the accreditation process is to advance quality and performance within public health departments. CCHD is working towards public health accreditation in order to more effectively and efficiently serve the community.

To learn more about Public Health Accreditation, visit the Public Health Accreditation Board.

PHAB Domains and Standards

PHAB Standards and Measures

Community Health Assessment

As part of the push for Public Health Accreditation, City-County Health Department conducted a Community Health Assessment in 2013. The Assessment is a comprehensive report that evaluates the status of residents’ health in several different areas. It presents health data on Cascade County, puts the data into context and compares the County’s data to the rest of the State and the nation. Get more information on the health of Cascade County by viewing the 2013 Community Health Assessment.

Using the data from the Community Health Assessment, individuals representing lcoal agencies and organizations chose three priority health issues to improve. These are access to health care, substance abuse, and healthy weight. The Community Health Improvement Plan sets goals, objectives, and strategies for each of these issues.

CCHD’s Agency Strategic Plan illustrates how the organization is working to implement the objectives and strategies outlined in the Community Health Improvment Plan.