Community Health Improvement Plan

The Community Health Improvement Planning (CHIP) Coalition addresses top health concerns for Cascade County. Every three years a Community Health Needs Assessment survey is conducted to identify top health priorities. The survey consists of 31 questions focusing on health concerns, for the Cascade County regional area. Click here to view the 2016 Community Health Assessment

In 2012, the top health concerns were alcohol abuse, child abuse and/or neglect and overweight and obesity. In 2015, illegal drug use emerged as the top health concern, along with child abuse and/or neglect, and alcohol abuse. Residents also indicated depression and anxiety to be a more serious health concern than previously.

The CHIP Coalition will work to create objectives for each identified issue as part of the Community Health Improvement Plan. Steering committee members help ensure that their agencies are implementing the strategies the plan outlines. Many local agencies are already actively working towards improving the issues listed in the CHIP, and the steering committees give organizations an opportunity to share their progress, pool resources, and determine what further action can be taken to improve the health of our community.

The Community Health Improvement Planning Coalition is comprised of representatives from United Way of Cascade County, Get Fit Great Falls, Cascade City-County Health Department, Alliance for Youth, and Benefis Health System.

The video below is a youth-led production overseen by members of the substance abuse steering committee.

2013 Community Health Needs Assessment identified three priority health issues. The steering committee formulated a plan to improve and sets goals, objectives, and strategies for each issue. The issues were chosen by individuals representing local agencies and organizations and are 1) access to health care, 2) substance abuse, and 3) healthy weight. Learn more about these issues and the objectives and strategies pursued by community agencies by reviewing the 2013 Community Health Improvement Plan.

A similar community health improvement process took place in 2011. Click to view the 2011 Community Health Assessment and 2011 Community Health Improvement Plan.

One steering committee oversaw the implementation of the 2011 CHIP. Minutes of their meetings are below.

Local Committees and Coalitions for Action

Several local committees and coalitions meet regularly and work towards improving the health and safety of Cascade County’s residents. CCHD and partnering agencies and organizations involved in the Community Health Improvement process have staff members that sit on and actively take part in these groups. Click here to view a list of these committees and coalitions and learn more about what they work to accomplish.