CCHD’s 2019 Strategic Plan Now Available!

You can find Cascade City-County Health Department’s new strategic plan here.

What’s a strategic plan, you ask? The object of strategic planning is to create a document that provides the agency and its stakeholders with a clear picture of how the agency is moving forward. This includes both what CCHD hopes to achieve in the coming years, as well as how “success” will be measured.

This document is the culmination of the three-phase process CCHD used to complete the Strategic Plan refresh, which will replace the 2014-2018 Strategic Plan (you can also find an executive summary of the former plan here).

The new strategic plan is grounded in decisions made by agency leadership and CCHD’s stakeholders regarding priorities for the near future. We have no doubts that it will serve as a powerful tool for decision-making and effective management.

Take a look!