Holiday Challenge: Survive the Holiday Buffet

How to survive a holiday party buffet:

A few simple steps can allow you to leave your next holiday party comfortably full…instead of painfully stuffed.

  • Have a light snack one or two hours before the party to avoid feeling ravenous at mealtime.
  • Use a smaller plate to encourage good portion control.
  • Fill your plate with salad and vegetable dishes first. Starting your meal with high fiber foods will help you fill up on foods with more nutrients and fewer calories.
  • Eat slowly and wait 10-15 minutes before heading back for seconds.
  • Enjoy the party! Try to engage in conversation that is happening in an area where the food isn’t. Remember you are there for the people, not the food (well maybe a little for the for the food).

** This information came from the “Eat Smart, Move More, Weight Less” Holiday challenge. Want to join the challenge? Click this Here!**