Cancer Screening Saves Lives

How does cancer screening save lives?

When Hope Good’s husband got laid off, they had a week of health insurance left. They decided to get checked for everything. That’s when Hope found out she may have breast cancer.

“My doctor scheduled me with CCHD, and got me connected with a program that helped women in my situation.” Said Hope.

The City County Health Department offers a low cost or free cancer screening for eligible individuals.

“Our program provides breast and cervical cancer screening and follow up services, in a manner that is easily accessible, appropriate,  and sensitive to our client’s needs” explains Karen Grindeland, Cancer Control Specialist for the City County Health Department.

After working with the cancer screening department Hope said she “realized there is a lot people don’t know about cancer in general…things I myself wasn’t aware of…thank goodness for CCHD.”

“When you get in the midst of cancer your life goes in fast speed” Hope said, “but the fact that you have to worry about the bills is huge.”

Early screening and detection can dramatically increase the success of treatment, should breast cancer ever be diagnosed. The Cascade County Health Department offers financial assistance for breast, colorectal, and cervical cancer screening tests to those who qualify.

“When you are dealing with cancer, you find out what’s most important to you” says Hope. “And it’s the people who reach out to you. “ They were wonderful” She said, referring to CCHD. “I can’t explain how great it was to talk to (Karen) and to get that support.”

For more information about cancer screening call 791-9272.