Get Help Quitting – Live a Tobacco Free Life!

Did You Know?
Within two days of quitting smoking, your nerve endings start regrowing and your ability to smell and taste is enhanced. After quitting for one year, your excess risk of coronary heart disease is HALF that of a smoker!

Cigarette smoking has been linked to many diseases, including multiple cancers, cardiovascular disease, and respiratory conditions. However, quitting smoking has immediate and long-term benefits for you AND your loved ones!

CCHD’s Tobacco Use Prevention Program has resources that can help you or a loved one quit smoking or using other forms of tobacco. The Program offers education on tobacco-related health issues, tobacco products, and assistance with finding and establishing smoke free facilities. To learn more, call 452-0881 x307 to speak with a Tobacco Use Prevention Specialist.Website_TobaccoUsePrevention

The reACT Youth Coalition works to address issues of youth and tobacco addiction. reACT is a teen-led movement aimed at empowering Montana youth to recognize the power of young people to effectively take on one of the leading preventable causes of death – commercial tobacco use. To learn more about local reACT groups and activities, call 452-0881 x306.

For more information on any of CCHD’s Tobacco Use Prevention programs and services, visit the program online or call 452-0881 x307.

This October marks the five-year anniversary of full implementation of the Montana Clean Indoor Air Act. Click here to learn more.