CCHD Health Officer Named

Bill Salina, Chairman of the Cascade County Board of County Commissioners, announced the recent hiring of Tanya Houston as the Cascade City-County Health Officer.

Houston’s responsibilities will include the supervision of more than 35 employees in the Cascade City-County Health Department who play an important role in helping county residents achieve and maintain health, safety, and self-sufficiency. The staff at the Health Department provides valuable services, including:

  1. Environmental Health Services focused on providing a health environment for residents through education, monitoring, inspection and enforcement of state laws and regulations in the food services area, septic and drinking water installations, body art, and other programs.
  2. Prevention Services engaged in preventing the spread of disease or injury in the community through immunizations; promoting of healthy choices and behaviors; preparing and responding to public health emergencies; investigating infectious disease outbreaks; and providing quality health information.
  3. Family Services aimed at enhancing the health and safety of children and families in the community through educational efforts, screenings, and services such as WIC, Maternal & Child Health Programs, Safe Kids Cascade County, the Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Program, and No Cost-Infant Hearing Screenings.

houstonMs. Houston has a wide range of experience in staff supervision, writing and administering private and government grant funds, financial management, and organizational leadership. She has been a Cascade County employee for ten years, the last five within CCHD. Most recently, she has been employed as the Public Relations/Disaster Preparedness Officer for Cascade County. Her knowledge and experience working with the Division leaders of the City-County Health Department has given her a broad understanding of the role and responsibilities of the Health Department. Chairman Salina said, “I am pleased to make this announcement to our community and know the community and staff will lend Tanya support for a smooth transition into this important leadership position.”

Houston, a native of Joseph, Oregon, has a degree in communications from Portland State University and a certification in Public Health Management.

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