2014 Community Flu Shot Clinic

CCHD’s Emergency Preparedness Program plans for all types of emergency situations that could affect the public’s health. One of these emergency situations is a disease epidemic. The best way to prevent the spread of communicable disease, and stop an outbreak before it starts, is to get vaccinated.

Staff from various divisions of CCHD, and partner agencies such as the Great Falls Clinic, hold community flu shot clinics each year to practice emergency response plans and to help protect the community from influenza. Staff working these clinics are trained in their roles, specifically the immunization staff that receive extensive training in vaccine storage and giving vaccinations safely. Individuals receiving their flu shot at CCHD or one of the Community Flu Shot Clinics can feel comfortable knowing that they are receiving the best care possible. In addition, the Community Flu Shot clinics are timed perfectly to help ensure protection against the flu throughout the season, including peak months.

This year, CCHD is utilizing the quadrivalent flu vaccine. The quarivalent vaccine is designed to protect against four different viruses – two influenza A viruses and two influenza B viruses – as opposed to three, like most seasonal flu vaccines. The quadrivalent vaccine gives added protection and is just as safe as usual trivalent vaccines.

10th Annual Walk In Flu Shot Clinic
Tuesday, September 23
MT ExpoPark—Exhibition Hall
Ages 6 Months+

Cost – Adults: $30, Children: $21. Insurance and all payment types will be accpeted. There is NO COST with Medicare, Medicare Advantage, Medicaid, or Healthy Montana Kids (CHIP).

Want to Learn More?

  • Learn more about seasonal influenza: viruses, vaccines, prevention and more! Visit www.cdc.gov/flu.


Why should I get vaccinated?
The flu is a serious contagious disease. It can be spread by coughing, sneezing or nasal secretions. By getting vaccinated, you can avoid missing work or school and are helping to protect others from the flu.

Who should get vaccinated?
Everyone! Vaccination is recommended for everyone ages 6 months and up. It is especially important for certain populations:

  • Infants
  • The elderly
  • Pregnant women*
  • Those with chronic health conditions
  • Healthcare workers
  • Close contacts of children under 6 months

*If you are pregnant, a doctor’s note is required to be vaccinated at one of CCHD’s clinics