Open Enrollment for Health Insurance Marketplace Ends Soon

The Cascade City-County Health Department (CCHD) wants to remind residents that enrollment for the Health Insurance Marketplace ends on March 31, 2014!

The Health Insurance Marketplace gives Montanans who are uninsured, or who buy their own coverage, a new and easier way to shop. Customers can get comprehensive information about plan benefits, quality and price. In addition, all plans offered in the Marketplace must cover certain benefits, including physician visits, preventative care, hospital stays and prescriptions. The focus on prevention is important and exciting; these services save lives, reduce health care costs, and improve quality of care.

People wishing to enroll themselves, and their families, can visit; the only official website to register and compare health insurance policies. The Health Insurance Marketplace can give individuals a clear picture of what they will pay and what benefits they will get, before they sign up. In addition, those looking for insurance may be able to get lower costs on monthly premiums or out of pocket expenses. For individuals who need help, or have additional questions, the Community Health Care Center, Inc. has an Outreach and Enrollment Specialist, Tina Bundtrock, who can help.  She can be reached at 791-9290.

CCHD offers preventative services, such as immunizations, and accepts all forms of insurance.  This includes the plans offered by the Health Insurance Marketplace in Montana, such as Blue Cross Blue Shield, Montana Health, and Pacific Source. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends vaccinations for all adults based on factors such as age, travel, occupations, medical history and what vaccines they have had in the past. But, people may not have the time to make an appointment and visit a provider to get their vaccination status checked, or to get their annual flu shot. Or, the cost of seeking these services may have been too high. Under the health care law, many insurers are required to cover certain preventative services at no cost to the individual; this means that previously uninsured people can utilize the walk-in convenience of CCHD for preventative services, such as ensuring their immunizations are up to date, or getting their flu shot from the immunization experts! For more information, call 454-6950 or visit