Budget for Good Health!

It seems that we are all looking for ways to trim our budgets and save a few dollars. Health care can be a major expense, especially without good insurance coverage, which can also be pricey! You can cut your health care costs by taking care of yourself – eating right, exercising regularly, and making good choices. Getting and staying healthy doesn’t have to be expensive – it can even save you some money!

Quit Smoking – Cigarettes and other forms of tobacco are expensive, and the long-term health consequences will really cost you in years to come. Quitting can easily save you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. CCHD’s Tobacco Use Prevention program can help you make a plan to quit.

Find Affordable Health Care – Federally funded health centers, like the Community Health Care Center, Inc., provide quality health care for under or uninsured individuals and families. Many hospitals and health centers also have programs that help with preventative care, like cancer screenings and blood pressure checks. CCHD’s Cancer Screening program helps provide breast, cervical, and colorectal cancer screenings for eligible men and women.

Get Vaccinated – Vaccination can prevent a number of communicable diseases that, if contracted, can lead to increased health care costs. Getting children vaccinated is especially important since they are often more susceptible to disease. CCHD participates in the Vaccines for Children (VFC) program, which offers vaccine at no cost for eligible children.

Avoid Unnecessary Medication – Antibiotics only work on bacterial and not viral infections. Cough and cold medicines help relieve symptoms, but should not be considered cures. Taking too much of these medications or taking them when they are not necessary can cause more harm than good. Click here to learn more about antibiotic resistance – a problem growing more prevalent due to overuse and abuse of antibiotic medications.

Breastfeed – Breastfeeding is good for both babies and mothers, and it doesn’t cost a dime! Breast milk is easy for babies to digest and is full of antibodies babies need to fight infection. Breastfeeding mothers may have less risk of breat and cervical cancers. You can get local breastfeeding support and consulation through the WIC program.

Buy Frozen or Canned Fruits and Veggies – Depending on your recipe, frozen or canned produce can work just as well as fresh, and they are cheaper and last longer.

Limit Food Portions – Many of us will eat until our plates are clean, just like mom taught us. When we do this, though, we often end up consuming way more calories than we need. Dish up only half or three quarters what you normally would. You can always gt more if you are still hungry. When eating out, split an entree with a friend or wrap up half to take home and eat later.

Drink Water – Carry a water bottle and refill it throughout the day. Add a slice of fruit for some flavor or an ice cube to keep it nice and cold. Water doesn’t contain the sugars and calories so many other drinks have, and refilling your bottle at the tap won’t hurt your pocketbook at all.

Click here for more ideas and information on budgeting for health.