Circle of Security Training in Great Falls!

Our community has experienced multiple devastating child abuse and neglect cases over the past few years.

With each new case our community asks itself how can this be happening here? What is going on?  How can these horrible things be happening to us?

Raising children is challenging for all of us even under the best of circumstances.  Understanding the parent/child relationship and what is happening between a young child and his/her caregiver(s) goes a long way to decrease the frustration caregivers often experience.

On July 9th and 10th the world renowned Circle of Security training will be held in Great Falls at the MSU COT Heritage Hall.  The Circle of Security teaches parents and those helping them new ways to understand children’s needs and behavior. It also offers effective ways to respond to these needs and behaviors. The Circle of Security can help parents/caregivers break destructive patterns of parenting.

This training is being brought to our community through grant funding to the Early Childhood Coalition at greatly reduced cost, $30 for the two day training.  We hope that Heritage Hall will be filled to capacity with mothers, fathers, grandparents, child care providers, social workers, home visitors, health care professionals and anyone else who cares about our community’s children.

 For more information on how to register you can call Sydne George, Community Coordinator, MIECHV ID grant at 406-899-7466, email Sydne at, or download the registration form here:  Circle of Security 

For more information on Circle of Security go to