Change is in the Air

June 23rd 2011 was an exciting day for the Cascade City-County Health Department (CCHD) and Community Health Care Center, Inc. (CHCC). On that day, CCHD’s Board of Health, CHCC’s Clinic Board of Directors and the Leadership Team from both entities met for a strategic planning session. Many decisions were made to ensure both entities are moving forward together in a progressive manner. This includes s shared Mission Statement, a combined Vision and a three year Strategic Plan.

Although CCHD and CHCC are working towards the shared vision of Healthy People in a Healthy Community, they will no longer be working under the same leader. Previously, the positions of Executive Director of CHCC and the Health Officer of CCHD had been held by the same individual, most recently Alicia M. Thompson. On December 7, 2011 the CHCC will have a new Chief Executive Officer, Russell Klinkenberg. Ms. Thompson will stay on as the Health Officer for Cascade County and will oversee the multiple City-County Health Department programs. The new Executive Director will assume the duties of running the Health Center, which provides quality affordable medical, dental and behavioral health care regardless of an individual’s income, insurance or ability to pay.

“This is a positive and progressive step for both entities,” says Alicia M. Thompson, CCHD’s Health Officer. She continues, “Having the top executive positions filled with full time employees will strengthen our ability to work together towards our combined Mission of preventing disease and illness, promoting healthy choices and delivering quality health care. Both the CHCC and CCHD will be getting the leadership and support they need while working in cooperation to continue providing the quality of services that the community deserves.”

To view the Strategic Plan which will guide the future of the CCHD and CHCC for the next three years click here.