Enjoy Fair Season-The Healthy Way!

Few events draw as many people to Great Falls as the Montana State Fair. This year at the fair, have fun, and don’t forget to make sure that your health is a top priority by following these simple tips.

 Beat the Heat

Hot pavement and large crowds of people, combined with the mid-summer heat, can leave you feeling overheated. Avoid dehydration and overheating by drinking plenty of water and trying to time your visit to the fair during the cooler parts of the day. The sun is sure to be strong, and shade may not always be available, so wear at least a 15 SPF sunscreen and a hat to protect yourself from the sun.

Protect Yourself from Germs

Large crowds are prime breeding ground for viruses and bacteria. Practice prevention habits, like hand washing and covering your coughs and sneezes, to keep illness at bay. It’s a good idea to carry hand sanitizer with you; use it before and after eating, after using the restroom and after touching animals or other things that many other people may have come in contact with. If you feel ill, stay home to avoid spreading your illness to others.

Avoid Food Borne Illness

The food is many people’s favorite part of the fair. But how do you know what you’re eating is safe?  Cascade City-County Health Department’s Sanitarians help ensure that food is safe is by inspecting each vendor’s stand and issuing permits that show the vendor has learned and understands safe food practices, possesses adequate refrigeration, has hand washing and dish washing stations and has passed other safety and cleanliness standards. You should look for a temporary food permit at each booth you visit and if you don’t see it, ask the vendor.

 You can also protect yourself from stomach bugs and other illnesses by making sure you and your family practice good hand washing techniques and habits.

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