Flu Vaccination Week- Update

The Cascade City-County Health Department will provide H1N1 flu vaccine to all ages, every day next week from 12-3pm in the lobby of the Health Department.  This special and convenient opportunity is in observance of National Flu Vaccination Week throughout January 10-16.  Additionally, the Health Department will be at the schools in Vaughn, Fort Shaw and Simms on Wednesday, January 13th to vaccinate students, teachers and community members.

The CDC estimates that between April and November, 2009, 47 million people in the US were infected with the 2009 H1N1 flu, more than 200,000 people were hospitalized and almost 10,000 people died.  “The flu is unpredictable and we don’t know the likelihood of another wave of the H1N1 strain, but we do know that vaccination is the most important step to protect yourself and your family”, says Kate Marone, spokesperson for CCHD. 

The Health Department is providing the vaccine free of charge.  Those interested in being vaccinated can also check with their healthcare provider who may have it available.  Individuals who believe they are immune from having the flu earlier this fall are still encouraged to be vaccinated unless they have a laboratory confirmed case of H1N1 flu. 

The Health Department vaccinated 4,300 students in Cascade County through their in-school clinic program throughout December.  Additional school clinics  will be scheduled to provide second booster doses to children under 10 years old- more information will be available soon.

Vaughn, Fort Shaw and Simms residents interested in Wednesday’s clinics should contact their local school.  For any other questions, please visit www.cchdmt.org or call the Health Department at 454-6950.