H1N1 Update- November 9

Approximately 2,000 doses of H1N1 vaccine will be available at a shot clinic this Friday.  The Cascade City-County Health Department received its largest shipment to date and has expanded  eligibility to include adults up to age 64 with long term health conditions. 

 “The CDC guidelines outlined for us who was at highest risk and so those are the groups we targeted first.  Now that we’ve received a larger shipment, we are so pleased to be able to offer this vaccine to an expanded group that includes those adults who are also at risk,” says Alicia Thompson, CCHD Health Officer.  The Health Department will continue to vaccinate all others who were eligible for previous clinics. 

 Children ages 9 and under who received their first dose will be able to receive a booster shot at a clinic being scheduled for early December.  “Children who need a booster should wait a minimum of a month to receive that shot, but that is just a minimum.  We want to try to take care of the children who were vaccinated at any of our first three clinics with one booster shot clinic, so for some it may be 6 weeks later and that is alright,” says Trixie Smith, Prevention Services Manager of CCHD.

 Who Is Eligible?

 1. Pregnant Women

2. Emergency medical services personnel

3. Children aged 6 months – 4 years old

4. Children and adults ages 5 – 64 years who have long term medical conditions that put them at higher risk for flu related complications*

5. Persons who live with or care for infants under 6 months old (eg, parents, siblings, daycare providers)

Where & When Will the Vaccine Be Available?

The City-County Health Department will be offering the vaccine to the above eligible populations on:

Friday, November 13th from 9am-1pm at the Exhibition Hall at MT ExpoPark.  The vaccine will be provided at no cost.

In future weeks, as more vaccine becomes available, we will be able to offer it to more people- however now, due to such small amounts, we can only offer it to those who are at highest risk of complications from the flu.  We appreciate your understanding and patience.

Please visit our Flu Updates Website or call the Flu Hotline at 877-701-8555 for more updated information.

9 Comments on “H1N1 Update- November 9

  1. Yes, the screeners will ask you which eligibility group you fit in to and you can tell them you have a long term chronic health condition. I also emailed you a response.

    Thank you!

  2. My 11 year old daughter has an ongoing history (years) of extended abscences from school due to her catching EVERY thing going on around the school and becoming re-infected over and over again. As she in now in middle school and the absences are registered differently for her now – is it possible to have her vaccinated for the H1N1? Also, will you folks be setting up vaccination clinics at the rural schools as it is difficult for some of us to get our children into Great Falls on your schedule dates? Thanks for your time.

    Cathy Burton

  3. Do I have to bring my medications to prove that I am in an eligibly group?

  4. For Cathy Burton:
    Unfortunately, we are only vaccinating children 5 and up that have a long term health condition at this time. We are planning in school vaccination clinics for every school in Cascade County, including the rural and private schools. Hopefully we will be starting this process soon, however with about 40 schools in the county, it will take some time to get to each. When we have more information it will be posted here- and we’ll be sending letters and consent forms home to parents soon. Thank you!

    For Lynn Contway:
    You do not need to bring any medications or prescriptions to the clinic; our eligibility screeners will ask which of our priority groups you fit in to.

    Thank you!

  5. My 2yro son recieve a regular flu shot on the 2nd of November (injection), can he still get the H1N1 shot now? Also, he does currently have a cold with a runny nose and cough. Should we skip this vaccination due to his current illness?

  6. If your son is currently ill with a fever, he should probably wait- but if it is a mild illness he should be alright. Our nurse could make that final decision. Getting his seasonal flu shot on Nov. 2 and then getting his H1N1 is fine. If he had received the nasal vaccine, then there would be a waiting period if he were to get nasal H1N1 as well- but with the shot there is no waiting period.

    Thank you!

  7. Hi,
    My husband has dilated cardiomyopathy resulting in CHF with an implanted cardiodefibrilator. Would he be eligible for the vaccine at this time?

  8. His condition would make him eligible, so long as he is 64 or younger. At this time, only those up through 64 with long term medical conditions fit the criteria. Those over 64 years old will be eligible once the high risk priority groups have been vaccinated and there is sufficient vaccine. We will post information on the next opportunity to get vaccinated as soon as it is available.

    Thank you for your question.